Unconventional by Nature

Hawthorne Valley Association
an adult holds their hand filled with dirt out to a child, wearing a giant leaf on their head, as she sniffs it and three other children are gathered around to watch

Hawthorne Valley is

Unconventional by nature

What this means…

Explore the programs that embody our commitment to renewing soil, society and self — from our K-12 Waldorf school to our Biodynamic® farm, natural foods and grocery store and so much more!

Our work is driven by a bold and integrated vision for social, ecological, and economic integration and renewal.


Apprentices that have trained as farmers at our Farm nearly all remain in farming and food-related work


Businesses within 120 miles that HV supported in 2022


Children attend programming on our farm each year through our Visiting Students Program and summer camps


Students have graduated from HVS since 1983

See what’s happening around our campus

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Celebrating 50 years of renewing soil, society, and self

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