Number of apprentices that have trained as farmers at HVA, nearly all remain in farming and food-related work

Number of businesses within 120 miles that Hawthorne Valley supported in 2015

Number of children Hawthorne Valley welcomes to its farm-based education programs each year

Your support enables us to uphold our mission to build vibrant local economies, support and nurture human needs, and establish deeper connections to the earth and to one another.


Martina Müller in Nexus Show at The Mount

Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School’s Arts Teacher Martina Müller will have a piece in the upcoming outdoor sculpture show, “Nexus” to be held in the beautiful gardens surrounding Edith Wharton’s estate at The Mount in Lenox, Mass (2 Plunkett Street, Lenox, MA).

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Herbert Dreiseitl Joins Hawthorne Valley Association’s Board of Trustees

Hawthorne Valley Association is thrilled to welcome Herbert Dreiseitl to its Board of Trustees. Dreiseitl is a sculptor, artist, landscape architect, and interdisciplinary urban planner. World renowned for his groundbreaking contemporary designs in the fields of urban design, urban hydrology, water art, storm water management, planning, and landscape architecture, Dreiseitl founded the firm Atelier Dreiseitl in 1980.

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Upcoming Events

May 28, 2017

Free Columbia Art Dispersal

Art Dispersal means that you can become the steward of a painting. That means that you can live with the painting for as long as you like, you can pass it along to someone else who wants it and, if you no longer want to keep it, you can return it to the artist who created it.

May 31, 2017

Free Culture Town Hall

Hosted by Seth Jordan and Nathaniel Williams You are invited to join us for an evening of short…

“In the movement to build a regenerative and just economy, we desperately need successful models. Hawthorne Valley is playing a crucial role in building a collaborative, resilient, local living economy in the Hudson Valley that is not only improving the quality of life in the valley, but is also a beacon of hope and possibility for other communities.”

Judy Wicks

entrepreneur, author: Good Morning, Beautiful Business, co-founder BALLE

Stewarding Life’s Essentials, Nurturing Life’s Potential