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Growing in 2020: Part 2

Growing in 2020: Part 2

A takeaway I treasure from farming during the onset of this ongoing pandemic was the depth at which I came to know each person I was working with on the farm. And I don’t mean this in the direct sense of really knowing their story, their personality, becoming friends…. It is still something difficult to describe to you, reader. It perhaps had to do with literally feeling so much beside others who were also feeling so much while we all tried to do so much in the face of a pandemic.

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“In the movement to build a regenerative and just economy, we desperately need successful models. Hawthorne Valley is playing a crucial role in building a collaborative, resilient, local living economy in the Hudson Valley that is not only improving the quality of life in the valley, but is also a beacon of hope and possibility for other communities.”

Judy Wicks

entrepreneur, author: Good Morning, Beautiful Business, co-founder BALLE