Number of apprentices that have trained as farmers at HVA, nearly all remain in farming and food-related work

Number of businesses within 120 miles that Hawthorne Valley supported in 2015

Number of children Hawthorne Valley welcomes to its farm-based education programs each year

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Meet our Staff – Conrad Vispo & Claudia Knab-Vispo

What lives in our backyards and the woods that blanket Columbia County? If we plant native species in the hedgerows that separate farm fields, will that attract insects and other animals that benefit vegetable production? How do human activities affect the creatures...

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Upcoming Events

October 27, 2018

Moss Workshop with Farmscape Ecology Program

As part of his work for the Northern Forest Atlas Project, Jerry Jenkins has created some amazing graphical guides to the identification of mosses. This outing with Jerry is an opportunity to field-test his moss guides and learn to identify some of the more common and not-so-common mosses in the landscape here at Hawthorne Valley Farm.

Picturing Species and Ecology with Jerry Jenkins

Presentation by the botanist and photographer Jerry Jenkins about his current photographic and graphical work to make the northern flora and ecosystems more accessible to a wide range of people with the Northern Forest Atlas Project.

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Unconventional by Nature

“In the movement to build a regenerative and just economy, we desperately need successful models. Hawthorne Valley is playing a crucial role in building a collaborative, resilient, local living economy in the Hudson Valley that is not only improving the quality of life in the valley, but is also a beacon of hope and possibility for other communities.”

Judy Wicks

entrepreneur, author: Good Morning, Beautiful Business, co-founder BALLE

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