Unconventional by Nature

Hawthorne Valley Association

We take pride in being Unconventional by Nature…

close up of a dark brown calf surrounded by children in barn, one of whom is petting the calf's face; only the portions of the children's arms are visible and the focus is on the calf

What sets Hawthorne Valley apart is not just its mission or its dedicated team, but its unconventional approach to everything it does. We take pride in being unconventional by nature when it means:

  • Recognizing the innate capacities and individual potential in each student when convention moves toward increasing standardization.
  • Leaving horns on cows, and calves with their mothers, when convention treats animals as units of production in an industrial food chain.
  • Following the precautionary principle in navigating our relationship to technology when convention rushes at unchecked speeds to adopt the next new thing.
  • Fostering economic associations based on compassionate mutuality and conscious collaboration when convention sharpens its elbows to out-compete and monopolize.
  • Celebrating our diversity and complexity as an organization when convention embraces homogeneity and further specialization.

As we confront the challenges of our time, we understand that simply improving upon the status quo won’t be enough. We need to embrace new possibilities, even when they challenge convention. With your support, Hawthorne Valley will continue to lead the way towards a more resilient and generative future.