Hawthorne Valley is proud to be Unconventional by Nature when it means...

Leaving horns on cows, and calves with their mothers, when convention treats animals as units of production in an industrial food chain. 

Recognizing the innate capacities and individual potential in each student, when convention moves toward increasing standardization.

Following the precautionary principle in navigating the relationship to technology when convention rushes at unchecked speeds to adopt the next new thing.

Fostering economic associations based on mutuality and conscious collaboration when convention sharpens its elbows to out-compete and monopolize. 

Celebrating our diversity and complexity as an organization when convention embraces further specialization.

As we strive to address the evident needs of our time, we recognize that in many instances a new, improved version of the status quo won’t suffice. New possibilities are wanting to emerge. It takes courage and resources to pioneer new initiatives, especially when those initiatives appear to run counter to convention. But conventions, like nature, are subject to change. Today’s innovative tributaries may converge to become tomorrow’s mainstream. With your help, Hawthorne Valley will continue to forge new channels towards a more generative and resilient future.

Thank you for your contributions in support of what makes Hawthorne Valley extraordinary!