Hawthorne Valley yogurt and buttermilk packagingThe medical journal The Lancet published a study in September 2018 that showed, “Dairy consumption of around three servings per day is associated with lower rates of cardiovascular disease and mortality, compared to lower levels of consumption, according to a global observational study of over 130,000 people in 21 countries…In addition, the study found that people who consumed three servings of whole fat dairy per day had lower rates of mortality and cardiovascular disease compared to those who consumed less than 0.5 serving of whole fat dairy per day.”

See the summary in EurekaAlert! The Global Source for Science News here. The summary contains a link to the full article in The Lancet, which is accessible for a fee.

Hawthorne Valley’s whole fat Biodynamic® dairy products include yogurt, buttermilk, cheese, and raw milk. All of our products can be purchased at our farm store, as well as NYC greenmarkets (with the exception of our raw milk which can only be sold on the farm) at Union Square (year ’round), Columbia, and Burrough Hall (spring-fall).