Chronogram magazine’s December issue features a story about Hawthorne Valley’s new fermentation enterprise, “Thy Kraut Kingdom Come: Hawthorne Valley Expands Fermentation Operation,” by Marie Doyon with photos by Roy Gumpel.

“Since 1999, Hawthorne Valley has operated a ‘kraut cellar’ on campus out of a 1,500-square-foot basement space. Their product line includes rotating flavors of kraut (caraway and jalapeño, to name two), kimchi, curtido, kvass, and hot sauce. National excitement has bubbled up around raw, probiotic foods as public awareness about the detrimental health impacts of processed products has increased. Amidst this growing trend, Hawthorne Valley ferments became an in-demand fixture in the region’s natural food stores and co-ops, but their facility was unsuited to meet the growing market.” Read the full article.