Flowform Pond and Landscape Project

Illustration depicting the new flow form with children

Dear Friends of Hawthorne Valley,

I’m writing to ask if you would make a contribution to the Flowform Pond and Landscape Project at Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School.

A little over 10 years ago we dedicated an area in front of the school to the memory and legacy of our renowned and beloved teacher William Ward. Here is what his wife, Andree Ward, wrote in reflection of that day:

On a bright, sunny late September day, we dedicated our Flowform. It was a most beautiful all school Michaelmas celebration with dragons, flying fish, Saint Michael’s sword of truth and light, and our own blacksmith. The highlight was the procession of children, two from each class, who carried the water to start the Flowform moving while the high school sang. As I watched this deeply moving event unfold, William was in my thoughts, of course. Like William, the Flowform welcomes everyone to Hawthorne Valley – it is open, approachable, energetic, joyful. The water is always moving, new and changing, yet the lemniscate and spiraling forms are constant.

It’s clear from Andree’s words that something special was realized in the original installation that was a palpable symbol of what William called “the water of life for the children of the future.”

Unfortunately, over the years the original Flowform cascade deteriorated beyond repair due to weather damage. Before a new, weather-resistant Flowform can be installed, the area will first require significant upgrade and renewal. Additionally, in order to maximize use and enjoyment of the area, two beautiful benches have been added to the site plan, along with a modest memorial in honor of Karl and Arvia Ege – visionaries and pioneers of this community, dedicated to education, agriculture, and the practical arts.

In honor of William’s memory, and in the spirit of collaboration so present at Hawthorne Valley, many in our community have come forward to volunteer their labor for this project. However, additional financial support in the amount of $10,000 is needed to cover the cost of the more specialized and labor-intensive aspects of the construction and installation. Any additional funding that might exceed costs will be directed toward Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School’s Annual Fund, which supports tuition assistance for all students.

Please consider a contribution in any amount to support the revival of this artistic-social landmark.

Sincerely and in Gratitude,

Patrick Stolfo
for the Alkion Center,
Hawthorne Valley School,
and the Children of the Future