Hawthorne Valley is pleased to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Frances Moore Lappé’s Diet for a Small Planet through a follow-up conversation with the author as part of their “Roots to Renewal” podcast, created to help mark Hawthorne Valley’s own 50th anniversary.

“We were so uplifted in speaking with Frankie this spring and inspired by her hopeful outlook and generosity of spirit,” says Martin Ping, executive director. “It was an honor to have another conversation with her, and help mark the 50th anniversary of such an important book in raising awareness of our shared responsibility in meeting the needs of our time.”

In this episode, Frankie and Martin engage in an uplifting conversation on topics of the day that are also woven into Diet for a Small Planet: living democracy; the importance of listening, curiosity, and imagination in building frameworks of understanding; and fostering interconnectedness for the ultimate purpose of nurturing life on Earth.

frances moore lappe