A selection of six new Farm Store brand dietary supplements, including Ultimate Eye formula, organic spirulina, and potassiumHawthorne Valley Farm Store is pleased to introduce a line of store brand organic dietary supplements to its wellness department as part of its Everyday Essentials program.

Starting in mid-June, over 30 store brand supplements will be on the shelf. The selection will include men’s and women’s multivitamins, as well as other health products such as Garlic Extract, Krill Oil, and Melatonin.

“By offering a Farm Store brand of dietary supplements, we can offer customers a lower cost option for a high-quality, natural health product that we are confident is made with well-sourced ingredients,” said Jeremy Laurange, Farm Store manager.

The Farm Store has partnered with Vitamer Labs, a family-owned company based in Irvine, CA, to manufacture the supplements. Vitamer uses science-based methods to develop their products, and lists all ingredients on their labels. They also utilize post-consumer materials to make a portion of their packaging and shipping materials as a way to minimize their environmental footprint.

Each year, Vitamer donates 11 million children’s multivitamins to Vitamin Angels, a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide vital nutrition to women and children in need both internationally and domestically.

“We are excited to partner with Vitamer and support a business that shares our values of community, sustainability, and quality,” Laurange said. “It’s a win-win knowing the sales of these supplements will help contribute to the important work of Vitamin Angels.”