We have an exciting opportunity to share with you! Two generous donors have joined forces to offer a dollar-to-dollar match up to $100,000 in support of Hawthorne Valley’s farm-based learning programs. That means if you make a contribution before August 31st, the impact of your donation will double!!

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Hawthorne Valley needs your help to make the most of this generous offer to fund the programs that will educate the next generation of farmers and mindful eaters.

At the heart of Hawthorne Valley’s mission is the ability to provide people the opportunity to form strong connections to the natural world, promoting a lifestyle of health, balance, and well-being. In service to this mission, we need your support of the Farm Apprentice Program and Children’s Farm Programs.

The Apprentice Program trains the farmers of the future – up to 10 per year!

The Farm Apprentice Program has trained Biodynamic®, organic farmers for 40 years. This year, 10 apprentices will work with 6 resident farmers growing vegetables, raising livestock, and managing the farm enterprise. When they leave the farm, these young farmers will carry with them the knowledge of what it means to be stewards of the land, capable of providing consumers with healthy Biodynamic food.

The Visiting Students Program hosts more than 580 children annually for week-long educational farm immersions.

The Children’s Farm Programs welcome a diverse group of children to engaging in hands-on experiences while working, playing, and learning on a working Biodynamic farm. Through the many activities on the farm, children build relationships between the food they eat, the land where it is grown, and the animals and farmers who help to produce it. When they leave the farm, the children carry with them the experiences and knowledge on nutrition and sustainability that will help them, as stewards of the future, make wise food and land-use choices.

Residential and Day Summer Camps expose more than 230 children a year to work and play on the farm.

Your gift will help to ensure these important farm-based education programs continue.

Your support guarantees that children and farmers-in-training have enlightening, enriching, and inspiring experiences at Hawthorne Valley Farm!

In-School and Afterschool Programs welcome 250 local students from area schools to nature-based classes.

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Select “Farm Based Education $100K Challenge Match” from the drop down menu.