Hawthorne Valley Association works alongside many other organizations, institutions, and individuals toward incubating a cultural renaissance that has as its hallmarks basic human rights, cultural freedom, and economic justice. We recognize that the dehumanizing aspects of an imbalanced, overly materialistic, mechanistic, and highly technological age driven by unsustainable consumption, strain the social, environmental, and economic fabric of modern society. We are committed to discovering new ways of working out of a deep respect for all living beings as the basis for overcoming the challenges that we collectively face and meeting the evident needs of our times.

What we are founding here is a seed — the seed of a living organism. The organism is essentially threefold — pedagogical, artistic, and agricultural — as reflections of thought, feeling and will. Each needs the others if the whole is to flourish. All are interrelated … for young and old alike, this work together will create a place in which to become, in a true sense, a full human being.

                                        –  Karl Ege, Co-founder, Hawthorne Valley Association