Mission & Vision


Hawthorne Valley’s mission is to renew soil, society and self by integrating agriculture, education and art.



Hawthorne Valley’s vision is to reconnect people, place, and purpose.


Our mission and vision come to life through our work which includes:

  • Integrative Learning: Fostering joy of learning through Waldorf-based, hands-on education geared toward developing the whole person – head, heart, and hands.


  • Biodynamic Agriculture: Cultivating and distributing high-quality Biodynamic food from field to fork.


  • Compassionate Commerce: Conducting business in a way that prioritizes the welfare of the people, animals, and Earth at the heart of our work.


  • Exploration: Supporting wild nature and resilient agriculture, thoughtfully exploring our economic and cultural life, and fostering connection through original research and outreach.


  • Expressive Beauty: Nurturing artistic expression in our lives and work.


  • Collaboration: Providing a laboratory of collaborative learning and research where we partner to address some of today’s most pressing concerns such as climate change, educating creative and resilient children, supporting biodiversity, and rebuilding healthy and fair food systems.