Local Economy

In 2015, Hawthorne Valley purchased $6.5 million in goods and services; more than $2.25 million of that, or 35% was spent within a 30-mile radius of our campus in Ghent, NY; and, $3.5 million was spent within 120 miles, supporting over 700 businesses.

Nearly 40% of the businesses Hawthorne Valley purchases from fall within 30 miles of the farm.

Blue Star Farm

Denison Farm

Double Decker Farm

Et Cetera Farm

Grand Gorge Garlic and Maple

Grindstone Farm

Honeydog Farm

Liberty Farms

Threshold Farm

Thompson–Finch Farm

Stewardship Farms

Rock City Mushrooms

Perelandra Farm

MX Morningstar Farm

Farm at Miller's Crossing

Mettabee Farms

Customers at the Hawthorne Valley Store
Cheese round
Produce in cooler
Freshly baked muffins

Our farm store carries hundreds of value-added products – handmade soap, maple syrup, smoked fish, and more – from more than 115 independently-owned regional producers.

Outreach + Training

Cow and child in barn
Cows eating hay
Children with chickens

In 1972, Hawthorne Valley’s Place Based Learning Center pioneered holistic on-farm education for urban students, and in the decades since has hosted many thousands of children for week-long farm learning immersions.

Students on porch
Students in farm field
Students playing

Since 1972, nearly 26,000 children have spent a week or more living and working on the farm through our Visiting Students Program and summer camps.

Farmworkers carrying harvest
Farmer and cow
Two people picking vegetables

Hawthorne Valley pioneered modern on-farm apprentice training throughout the 1970s and helped start the first Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT) in 1994 – now a national network with over a dozen regional hubs.

Approximately 150 apprentices have trained as farmers at HVA and nearly all remain in farming and food-related work.


Sowing seeds
Man overlooking field
Farmer driving tractor
People overlooking field

The Institute for Mindful Agriculture works with local partners to address local food system needs through the Rolling Grocer 19 and other projects, and offers an annual workshop on regenerative agriculture to about 50 people.


Children learning about farming
Students exploring
Class outside
Going for a hike

Since 1972, 220 interns and 580 summer camp counselors have worked with children on the farm.

Students by a stream
Class play
Students around the maypole
Student smiling

Since the first graduating class of 1983, 600 students have graduated from Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School.

Student cooking class
Girls in a field
Class on farm with chickens

Each year, the Place Based Learning Center works with more than 500 students, parents and individuals from local schools and the surrounding community.