Celebrating 50 years of Renewing Soil, Society, and Self

Middle School Students work in the teaching garden
Visiting students learn about soil
historic photo of children learning about gardening and soil

Hawthorne Valley has spent the last half a century working to foster social and cultural renewal through the integration of agriculture, education, and the arts. As we mark our 50th anniversary we want to share not just our story, but also the stories of our friends and contemporaries from across the globe who dedicate their lives in purposeful pursuit of meeting the ecological, social, and spiritual needs or our time. In an oft-quoted passage from one of our founders, Karl Ege, he suggests that the work that we are undertaking together at Hawthorne Valley “will create a place in which it is possible, in a true sense, to become a full human being.” At its core this work is about the future. Every day as our farmers tend to the soil and care for animals, our educators teach students to engage more deeply with themselves and the world around them, and we work together to try to create a structure for social equity, we aim to foster the conditions that will allow the future to emerge in its most life affirming manifestation. We invite you to join us! Stay informed about upcoming events – sign up for our monthly News & Events email here

Join us on Saturday, October 8th, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. for

As part of our Anniversary celebration we started a podcast!